Top 5 Female Gamers you should know more about

Gaming gained its glory in the early ’90s. The campaigns were primarily targeted at male gamers as traditionally the challenges and combat games of the times were designed keeping the male gamer’s behavior in mind. But with changing times and blurring gender lines gaming is no more a turf claimed by men only. As numbers speak, Saudi Arabia has a higher percentage of female gamers (90%) than male gamers (83%).

The number of female gamers around most gaming platforms has increased exponentially over the past couple of years. With the expansion of games around the world, developers have to keep up by introducing female characters and playing options relatable to them. Female players’ interests vary between playing for fun and participating in massive esports tournaments. There’s a sub-sect that gets attracted to story-based, horror, adventure, exploration, dramatic and historic plotlines. While there’s another that thrives on online battle royale, RPG, and MOBA games.

Here we have the list of top 5 female gamers from around the world:

The Highest Paid Girl Gamer

Katherine “Mystik” Gunn, at the age of 14, with the emergence of online games, stepped into the world of challenges, as she traveled under the patronage of her father to attend tournaments of Street Fighter, Halo, and other games. After her victory in World Championship Gaming (WCG) series, completing Ultimate Gamer, and two seasons of CGS, she caught the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records as she was listed in the Guinness World Games 2016 as the highest-paid female player.

She was part of the professional team Envy, presenter, and writer of the weekly BluePrint webisode series. To be close to her family and away from traveling, Kat recently resigned, but still shares her gameplay via live broadcast on Twitch to be in contact with her fan base and spread awareness of healthy eating, positive thinking, and philosophy of fair play.

Catch her live here: 

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Most Famous YouTube Channel

Tiffany Garcia, or as she goes by iHasCupquake, is famous on YouTube for Minecraft clips and League of Legends. Her channel has gained wide fame reaching more than 6 million subscribers and she holds the record for most video views by a female game broadcaster on YouTube.

She owns more than one channel such as – iHasCupquake, Tiffyquake, and WeAreMishMish.

Find her here:

Blizzard Esports Champion

Li Xiaomeng, known in the games as Liooon, is a professional Chinese player for Hearthstone, and the first girl to win the Hearthstone Grandmasters World Finals for a prize of $200,000.

It’s interesting that someone in one of the waiting lines for the Hearthstone Championship told Liooon: “If you’re a girl, don’t wait in the line here, this isn’t for you.”

Liooon called on girls to fulfill their dreams in her speech: “I want to say to all girls who have a dream to join esports tournaments for glory, if you want to do it and have faith in yourself, you just have to go ahead.”

Find Liooon here:

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Most Famous Gamer on YouTube – Middle East

Meshael MR is a Saudi hobbyist who shares her games with people through her YouTube channel, which has achieved fame in a relatively short time. Perhaps due to Meshael’s bubbly personality and active presence on the channel. Her videos are full of fun and laughter with fans of the famous games. 

The content on her channel varies between a group of games and is not limited to one genre. This is one feature that sets the channel apart, there’s something for everyone here. Meshael MR has quite a promising future because of its remarkable development and some recently acquired partnerships.

Check out her channel here:

Best Female Player for Horror Games

Emma Chan isn’t just a player specializing in horror and mystery games, but also a pro in translation, as she combined this skill and her love for video games in the distinctive content on her YouTube channel. Perhaps she is the only one in the Arab world providing horror and mystery games content for her fans. As written in her channel, “My goal is to provide you with rare stuff that you haven’t seen yet.” 

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the owner of the channel as they like to remain anonymous, but it’s quite a noteworthy YouTube channel – if you’re into horror games – that’ll inevitably become one of your favorites.

Find EmmaChan here:

There you have it! A list of our top 5 female gamers who’re ruling the esports world right now🏆

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