Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips

Win the Chicken Dinner with these top 10 PUBG Mobile tips

PUBG Mobile isn’t so simple. It’s all about surviving until the bitter end in a 100-person free-for-all or as a team by any means necessary. 

Whether you’re the kind of player that likes to grab the best weapons you can find and go all guns blazing, or you opt for a more stealthy approach, there are some gameplay basics that apply to everyone that enters the battlefield. Follow simple tips, acquire some skills and the chicken dinner is yours.

We’ve gathered the top 10 PUBG Mobile tips that you should definitely know!

  1. Avoid the First Contact

The beginning of any game is extremely important. The first few seconds decide the course of the game.

After landing, one common mistake gamers make is to engage in combat. If you’ve just landed and you hear someone else in the area, turn away and go in another direction. The chances of them carrying a weapon are high.

  1. Pre Aiming

When you notice your enemy running in a certain direction, or up the stairs, rather than wasting your ammo, aim ahead in that direction and shoot when he appears.

This trick also requires some skills, you have to be able to predict your enemy’s next move to pre aim.  

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  1. Stick to weapons that suits you 

Before you start the battle, know your weapons. Pick a  weapon that you’re comfortable that you can depend on. Know the ranges and ammo of the weapons you own and fight with the most suitable one, even if you have to drop the advanced version.

After the skirmish, try to put down the weapon, it’ll improve your running speed. 

  1. Dodge the combat

When you’re under attack, don’t run in a straight line. You’ll get killed in a second.

Instead, zig-zag the battleground to dodge the bullets fired your way. It’ll take longer to get to cover but the chances of you being dead are much lower.

  1. Go Barefoot

If you want to draw less attention to yourself, play barefoot. The sound of boots against the floor attracts attention more than necessary. 

Being barefoot wouldn’t affect your speed and draw less attention. Especially, if you’re at the end of the game and you want to play it stealthily, play without boots. 

  1. Use Headphones

You probably would’ve heard about this trick, but we’re mentioning it again to tell you how impactful it is.

Whether it’s voice chat, prompts from the squad, or even footsteps, if you’re not using headphones, you’ll miss out on these cues that’ll help you understand where exactly the enemy is. 

  1. Prefer wheels over legs 

Vehicles come in handy in a lot of situations. But the trick is to use it wisely. 

There are plenty of vehicles to go around but don’t forget the other 99 players waiting to get behind the wheel too. Be sure it’s safe before approaching a vehicle.

Another vehicle-related trick is to use it until required. As you approach the inner circle, get off the vehicle before your enemy spots intruders.

  1. Hide and peek

As the name suggests, you can hide and peek around the cover without exposing your body to your enemies. 

Go to Settings > Basic menu > turn on Peek & Fire

This setting will allow you to take shots without exposing yourself. But, you can’t fire without peeking out your head, so just be careful.

  1. Enable HDR mode

Enjoy the best graphics quality by engaging the HDR mode. The best graphics quality gives you an edge in the game as it makes it easier to spot other players.

Go to Settings > Graphics to change the performance. Once it’s on, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

  1. Navigate easily

Know your maps, keep looking at them to navigate easily.

Know the best hiding spots faster by limiting the maps in the pool before starting a match. Do this and you’ll be an expert in no time at all.

Practice these tricks and keep gaming! Let us know which trick helped you the most.

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