Help Bring a Better Change With #GameForGood

Ever dreamt of being a superhero? 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ With #GameForGood, you will get to turn your dream into a living reality! Fight for those who don’t have the power nor the choice to fight for themselves, help them break out of the shackles of poverty, heal & nourish them generously, for they also deserve to achieve their greatest dream.

#GameForGood is a way for our dear gamers to start channeling part of their potent power towards the betterment of human lives. Whether you follow the path of Tournament, Play As You Go, or Challenges, you may donate a portion of your prize through a charity of your choice. For a detailed breakdown of each path, keep reading!


This is displayed as a logo in our weekly tournaments. If you win a tournament that has this feature, our team will proceed to contact & ask you if you’re interested in having us donate a percentage of your prize to a charity of your choice.

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Play As You Go (PAYG)

This path is excellent for gamers who like to play at any time of the day & battle random gamers. It’s also ideal for those fit enough to go on a 24/7 marathon gaming drill 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ It’s subdivided into the following:

  1. PAYG Leaderboard
    Collect as many points as you can & climb the leaderboard. This is a challenge that lasts for a week at a time, at which the leaderboard is going to be reset every Sunday at 12:00 AM.

    If you’re among the Top 5 by the specified time, our team will proceed to contact & ask you if you’re interested in having us donate a percentage of your prize to a charity of your choice.
  2. PAYG Per Match
    Don’t have the patience to wait an entire week? We totally get you! 😄 This time, you will be in charge of the donation process. Both players will be asked to specify the amount of money to donate prior to starting a match. Whoever loses is going to donate the lowest specified amount of money among the 2 players.

    Once you have donated, you may tweet your receipt with #gameforgood & mention @HalaYalla. Amounts donated are later added to the player’s profile.


You like the idea of GameForGood & self-handled donations yet you don’t care about the leaderboard, you just want to compete against a buddy (or enemy?) of yours 😎 This path is for you! Click on “Challenge” on any player’s profile, and the rest of the process is self-explanatory.

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Charities #GameForGood is teaming up with

Your favorite charity isn’t on the list? Don’t frown, just contact us & we’ll make sure your donation goes directly to your truly chosen charity.

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So there you have it! This is what #GameForGood is in a nutshell. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear them, treat the comment section below as your home – one caveat though, it’s a home that you’re sharing with others, so, be always mindful of that 😉 –

Hey you! Ever thought of better investing your marvelous gaming skills? How about using it to support a good cause? With #GameForGood, you’ll do that & more!

Get your sleeves up & start playing in #GameForGood Tournaments, & Play As You Go. Let’s make the world a better place together 🌍💚