Try These PUBG Settings to Win More Games

If you’re like me, then you must’ve been unfamiliar with, and bothered by the state the settings are in most mobile-based games. And the default PUBG settings are no exception. If you’re also like me, then you couldn’t let that stand in your way of binge playing this astonishing survival game. With its huge player population, ease of progression, and not-so-complicated rules and concepts, it can be user-friendly to new gamers. But it could be made more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and overall more efficient, just with a few tweaks here and there. Explore these alternative PUBG settings and watch your in-game performance skyrocket!

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Optimization of Graphics

Although PUBG settings tend to recommend pre-determined settings based on what device you’re using, your preference and other factors can also come into effect, so don’t always follow what they suggest. Through Settings > Graphics, change it to “Smooth” if you’re using a low-end device or if you’re aiming for faster frames per second (which you should prioritize over graphics. Aim for “Extreme” if you can, or else keep it as “Ultra”, but no less). You may leave the graphics settings as it’s if you’re comfortable with it, or sharpen it up a bit if your device can handle it. 

Multiple Visual Styles

Settings > Graphics can also give you the option of changing the color tone in the game. With 4 possible options being classic, realistic, colorful, and no-style. This is more of a personal choice, yet some people claim that changing the tone to “Colorful” could make it easier to spot objects and targets on the screen. If you’re unsure which option to pick, then just keep it at “Classic”.

Alternative View Angles

Again, this is mostly a personal choice and has little impact on the gameplay, yet if it coincides with your preferred gaming style then it follows that you will perform better. Initially, you’re given a 90-degree view, you may later change it to for first-person-view in the Settings > Basics and see how comfortable you’re with it.

Different Crosshair Colors

As you might’ve noticed, a lot of these settings changes pour down to personal differences among players, and the crosshair color is no different. Some players find it easier to spot enemies if they used crosshairs that are bright and vibrant in color through Settings > Basics.

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Turn off Speakers and Mic

Some people tend to misuse the mic features, from screaming to using a foreign language, and ultimately, you may hear profanity if you’re unlucky. Disable the speakers and mic by clicking “off” on their icon while in-game. And enjoy the quietness and peacefulness, well maybe not the latter. 

Quick Chat Feature

If you chose to avoid voice chat yet still want to communicate effectively with your teams, then this option is for you. Through Settings > Quick Chat, you get to create your own customized messages which are kept on standby should you need to send them quickly.

Customization of Gaming Controls

The default control settings don’t seem to work for most players. If that’s also the case for you then head on to Settings (gear icon) > Controls > Customize. You may now move the fire button and other on-screen buttons to wherever that’s most comfortable for you.

Effective Sneaking Strategy

One of the most high-yield PUBG settings changes that you should implement. Peek and fire feature does pretty much what it claims, allowing you to lean your neck a little while hiding behind an object, providing you with a way to get more kills, with less chance of being killed.

Ease of Looting up of Items

Instead of having to hover over an item or weapon and then clicking an additional button to pick it up, you can just active automatic pick-up loot. From the Settings > Pick Up, allow for the enabling of Auto Pick-Up.

An Organized Inventory

Although the more ammo one has, the better one performance in any shooting game. PUBG settings by default tend to have a limit on the amount of ammo that you can possess. So by raising that a little bit, you can avoid the annoying situation of running out of rounds while being confronted with an enemy. Through Settings > Pick Up you can set up the limit for every gun, we recommend that you set it to 200 rounds for fast-firing guns.

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Apply these PUBG settings changes and impress your friends with your magnificent new score record!

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