PUBG Battle Royale Winter Edition 12

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PUBG Battle Royale Winter Edition 12 tournament
PUBG Battle Royale Winter Edition 12
Tournament prize pool
120 $
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Tournament ended
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Registration End Date
Thu 4 Apr 2024

Tournament End Date
Sat 6 Apr 2024

About PUBG Battle Royale Winter Edition 12

Please contact the Tournament Organizer on Discord for any questions and issues regarding gameplay, scores, match schedules, registration status, Game ID, and more.

Discord Link:(

Platform:• Mobile


all players must record the game in case players are accused of cheating

• ِAccounts under level 50 will not be accepted in the tournament.

• Tournament will be played at Middle East server

• Tournament will be played on Friday 05/04/2024 .

• Room ID and Password will be sent by email for each player when the room is created(Note: if Room ID and password were not provided Please contact the admin on Discord before the game starts).

Discord Link:(

• Game will start 30 mins after the room is created.

• only one game will be played in this tournament

•during tournament qualifiers and finals, players should stay in their number slots as assigned in the bracket tab ranking(explanation: if you are in rank 4 you should stay in the 4th tray in the waiting room in PUBG)

• Top 1 winners will be announced on Discord.

• Make Sure your In-Game name is provided in kafugames.

• It is forbidden to play with a different account than the one registered and must be identical

• Players who Play from other Platforms will be kicked from the Room(only Mobile is allowed)

Players Rooms and slot assignment:

to know which room you are assigned follow the following steps:

• 1)go to bracket in the tournament page

• 2)press each room qualifier or finals and check which room you are in; when your name shows in the yellow color that's the room you are assigned to

• 3)after checking which room you are in check the schedule down below to when your game will be played

• 4)after entering the games waiting room make sure to check which slot you are assigned to by your rank in the room in the brackets room

Rooms Dates and time:

• Finals: 05/04/2024 9:00 PM Saudi Arabia Timezone(GMT+3)

In-Game Scoring:

A. Placement Points

• Placement Points are awarded to players based on their finishing position at the end of each Match. Players will accumulate Placement Points in accordance with the following:

• 1st Place / 10 points

• 2nd Place / 6 points

• 3rd Place / 5 points

• 4th Place / 4 points

• 5th Place / 3 points

• 6th Place / 2 points

• 7th Place / 1 points

• 8th-64 Place / 0 points

• Every Kill / 1 Point

B. Elimination Points

• Elimination Points are awarded to players based on the number of Eliminations the Player accumulates during each Match. A Player will earn one (1) Elimination Point per Elimination.

C. Tie Breakers

• In the event that two or more players have the same number of Total Points, the following rules shall be applied to break the tie:

• 1) Compare every tied player's total Elimination Points across all Matches within Round

• 2) Compare every tied player's best-performing Match within the Round based on Match Points

• 3) Compare every tied player’s best-performing Match within the Round based on Elimination Points

• 4) Compare every tied player’s Elimination Points within the most recent Match both players were present

• 5) Compare every tied player’s Placement Points in the most recent Match both players were present

In-Game Settings:

• Server: Middle East

• Game Mode: Solo

• MAP:Erangel

Score Submission Rules:

• After winning the tournament Please contact the Organizer on discord

Discord Link:(

Organized by
Hala Yalla
esports tournament organizers

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