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  • Kafu Fortnite Summer Cup Tournament V

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    Kafu Fortnite Summer Cup Tournament V tournament

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    About Kafu Fortnite Summer Cup Tournament V Tournament

    https://discord.gg/JnCqJAm Please contact the Tournament Organizer for any questions and issues regarding gameplay, scores, match schedules, registration status, Game ID, and more.

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the Organizer’s Contact details.


    ● PS4

    ● PC

    ● Xbox one


    ● Creative mode – Box Fight 2vs2

    ● Use Code map :7620-0771-9529

    ● Single elimination

    Tournament Rules:

    • Players can play on all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    • Communication between players is through the Epic Games account only

    • Player must be on the Middle East server

    • Players can play on another server if the two teams agree

    • Winner will be the team with the first 3 rounds to win

    • In the event that there is a problem in the "Respawning" for one of the players the round will be repeated

    • The opponent's waiting time is 10 minutes from the time the match was created

    • No party has the right to score 10 minutes before the match is played

    • Any party has the right to score the result if the competitor does not respond after the end of the specified time

    • It's necessary to upload screenshots while adding the results to show victory

    • Players late for more than 10 minutes will be disqualified

    • If the opponent declines your invite for a match, you must submit a screenshot as proof. If the opponent denies this claim, they will be banned

    If your Epic ID has a special character, it is your responsibility to contact your opponent especially if there were on console


    Total prize of 60 $
    Total prize of 40 $
    Total prize of 25 $
    Total prize of 25 $




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