CS:GO 1v1 Daily Tournament 13

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CS:GO 1v1  Daily Tournament 13 tournament
CS:GO 1v1 Daily Tournament 13
Tournament prize pool
20 SAR
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Tournament ended
Counter Strike
Game Mode
Registration End Date
Sat 18 Mar 2023

Tournament End Date
Mon 20 Mar 2023

About CS:GO 1v1 Daily Tournament 13

Please contact the Tournament Organizer on Discord for any questions and issues regarding gameplay, scores, match schedules, registration status, Game ID, and more.

Discord Link:(https://discord.gg/8WgwNNAjus)




• Match will be 1v1

• The Tournament will be B01

• No Practice Matches is Allowed

• Finals B03

• Match Host Must me From the Middle East.

• Player on the Left of the Schedule is responsible for adding the opponent.

The games results must be photographed between the two parties(In the picture Time must be provided!)

Players Must Provide Counter Strike Code

• In the event of a server crash one of two things are applicable:

• If it occurs within 6 rounds of starting the server will be restarted and the score will be reset to 0-0

• If it occurs after 6 rounds the server will be restarted and the score will be counted from the last completed round by an admin.

• If a player disconnects from the server, the match will be paused at the end of the current round. This means that if the player disconnects mid-round he forfeits that specific round.

• Upon disconnect, the player has 10 minutes to rejoin the server or be automatically disqualified. If a player is suspected of intentionally leaving the server or faking a disconnect to expense time they will be disqualified

• Tournament matches are expected to be played at the scheduled match time. If an opposing team fails to show up after 15 minutes after the scheduled time they will be disqualified.

Game Rules:

• Each match will take place with 1 player on each team

• Teams will be assigned by the Tournament Schedule

• The CS: GO Tournaments are B01. The first to 16 will advance while the other player is eliminated from the tournament. Finals will be B03

MAP Settings:

• https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=624412268

• (aim_map_noawp)created by leplubodeslapin.This map can be found in the Steam Workshop for CSGO.

• Choose Competitive

• enable developer console

• open toggle console

• in the console (bot_kick)

Score Submission Rules:

• You must send a photo proving your victory and clarify the name of the competitor when recording the results

• Lack of attaching your score image may attempt you to lose the match

• Players who are late for more than 15 minutes will be disqualified

• If the opponent didn't accept your Friend Request, you must submit a screenshot as proof showing the time 15 mins after the match starts and the Friend request of the opponent

• if you have the player as a friend from previous tournaments please provide a picture of the chat showing the time of the last message of his absence(time as to be 15 minutes after the match time)

• In the event, the opponent does not respond, you must register attendance at the official time allotted to the match. The button appears in your matches list after 15 mins from when the match started

• Waiting time is 15 minutes. In case of no-response, the player is considered withdrawn from the match

• In the event the attendance no result is transmitted by both parties, one of the Parties will randomly qualify

Here are the steps to submit scores:

Score Submission Video

• Login to Kafu Games & go to “My Tournaments”

• Select your Tournament

• Click on the “Matches” tab

• Click on “Submit Scores”

• Enter your score, upload the screenshot and click “Done”

• Submitting the score will be available after 15 minutes of your match time for 60 minutes

Organized by
Hala Yalla
esports tournament organizers

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