COD: Mobile Winter Cup

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COD: Mobile Winter Cup tournament
COD: Mobile Winter Cup
Tournament prize pool
120 $
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Tournament ended
Cod Mobile
Game Mode
Registration End Date
Sat 27 Nov 2021

Tournament End Date
Tue 30 Nov 2021

About COD: Mobile Winter Cup

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Please contact the Tournament Organizer for any questions and issues regarding gameplay, scores, match schedules, registration status, Game ID, and more.

All prize money will be paid out at the latest 90 days after the League finals have been completed. If a player is missing the proper payment information and makes no effort to fix this, the prize money will not be paid out until this is rectified.




•Team Deathmatch


• Shipment


• Play on Mobile

• Players must add each other in order to invite (the opponent Game ID can be found on the match page)

• Players who are late for more than 15 minutes will be disqualified

• If the opponent declines your invite for a match, you must submit a screenshot as proof

• It is forbidden to play with a different account than the one registered and must be identical

• all round are 1 match finals is best of 3

How to play:

• Create a private match and invite the enemy player

• Players will play a Shipment 1v1 map

• Winner submits a screenshot

Here are the steps to submit scores:

• Login to Kafu Games & go to “My Tournaments”

• Select your Tournament

• Click on the “Matches” tab

• Click on “Submit Scores”

• Enter your score, upload the screenshot and click “Done”

• Submitting the score will be available after 15 minutes of your match time for 35 minutes

Organized by
Hala Yalla
esports tournament organizers

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