Street Figher 6 Daily Tournament 1

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Street Figher 6 Daily Tournament 1 tournament
Street Figher 6 Daily Tournament 1
Tournament prize pool
20 SAR
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Tournament ended
Street Figher 6
Game Mode
Registration End Date
Tue 11 Jun 2024

Tournament End Date
Thu 13 Jun 2024

About Street Figher 6 Daily Tournament 1

For any inquiries or concerns regarding gameplay, scores, match schedules, registration status, Game ID, or any other related matters, please reach out to the Tournament Organizer on Discord. They will be able to assist you with your questions and address any issues that may arise.

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• Players must enter their PSN Account game ID.

• Game mode:1v1

• All Rounds are best of 3(who wins 2 games);Finals is best of 5(who wins 3 games)

Joining your game lobby:

• Add your opponent as a friend PlayStation

• Set up the lobby and invite your opponent to the match.

• Game mode: Custom Room > Singles > One on One.

• Timer: 99 seconds.

• Stage: Random.(you may pick a specific stage if both accepted

• Winner of previous game must keep same character.

• Loser of previous game may switch character.

• Play the match - All Rounds are best of 3(who wins 2 games);Finals is best of 5(who wins 3 games).

Score Submission Rules:

• To record match results accurately, please provide a photo confirming your victory and specify the competitor's ID. (It is highly recommended to capture a video of the entire match to prevent cheating or misinformation)

• Failure to include an image of your score may result in the presumption of your defeat in the match.

• Participants who arrive more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified from the tournament.

• If your opponent fails to accept your Friend Request within 15 minutes after the match starts, it is necessary to provide evidence in the form of a screenshot(In case your opponent raises any claims against you, it is strongly advised to send the evidence video to the tournament administrator.)

• If the opponent does not respond, it is important to register your attendance at the official designated time for the match(After 15 minutes have passed since the match started, a button will appear in your matches list)

• A waiting time of 15 minutes is allocated for the opponent to respond. If there is no response within this timeframe, the player is considered to have withdrawn from the match.

• If neither party transmits the result of their attendance, and there is no communication or agreement between them, one of the parties will be randomly selected to qualify.

• Matches should be played at the specified time according to the tournament schedule. However, it is permissible to play the match before the specified time if both parties mutually agree.(it is crucial to take a screenshot of the conversation where both parties confirm their acceptance of the earlier match time.)

Here are the steps to submit scores:

Score Submission Video

• Login to Kafu Games & go to “My Tournaments”

• Select your Tournament

• Click on the “Matches” tab

• Click on “Submit Scores”

• Enter your score, upload the screenshot, add 3-0 for yourself and click “Done”

• Submitting the score will be available after 15 minutes of your match time for 60 minutes

Organized by
Hala Yalla
esports tournament organizers

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