Free Fire Summer Edition

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Free Fire Summer Edition tournament
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About Free Fire Summer Edition

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Discord Link:(

Please contact the Tournament Organizer on Discord for any questions and issues regarding gameplay, scores, match schedules, registration status, Game ID, and more.


● Mobile


Room ID and Password will be provided by email at 5:00 PM for the first round;if not provided please contact the admin on discord

• Tournament will be Played Friday 05/08/2022 5:00PM Saudi Time Zone

• Room will be Created at 4:50PM and Start at 5:30PM

• first game Room ID and Password will be sent to the email registered with kafu games 4:50 PM Saudi Arabia Timezone

• if not received please contact the admin on discord

Discord Link:(

• It is forbidden to play with a different account than the one registered and must be identical

• Players who Played from other Platforms will be kicked from the Room(only Mobile is allowed)


• Game Mode: Classic

• Game Team Size: ٍSolo

• Drop List: Classic

• Players: 48

• Spectators: 1(admin only)

• HP: 200

• Movement Speed: 100%

• Environment: DAY

• Fall Damage: Yes

• Airdrop: Yes

• Vehicles: Yes

• UAV: Yes

• EP: 0

• Jump Height: 100%

• Limited Ammo: Yes

• Loadout: Yes

• Character Skill: Yes

• Gun Property: Yes

• Airstrike: No

• Death Spectate: No

• Save Replays: Yes

• Hide Nickname: Yes

Score Submission Rules:

• After winning the tournament Please contact the Organizer on discord

Discord Link:(


Total prize of 80 $
Total prize of 40 $