PC vs. Console Gaming

Which Platform Should You Choose?

PC gamers and console gamers have been at each other’s throats ever since the 80’s and this battle isn’t ending anytime soon.

Each has its merits and massive fanbase that solemnly adheres to it. Each technology provides a set of advantages but still misses something. 

Let’s find out the differences between them. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know which platform to choose. 

  1. Price

Consoles brought gaming into the mainstream as it was convenient and much cheaper than a gaming PC.

Consoles are cheaper and cost-efficient in the long run, provided that you take care of it. With consoles, you’ll be able to play all of the games released for the platform without having to worry about compatibility issues. However, there is a slight fear of the hardware getting outdated if new updated games are released often.

On the other hand, PCs can be composed of a wide variety of different components, which means that the prices can vary wildly, too. As for the games, PCs have high backwards compatibility, meaning you can play old games on modern systems.

Based on the kind of performance that they can offer and the costs involved, gaming PCs are usually divided into five categories:

  1. Entry-level: These sets are for the beginners. The basic PC is cheap but often not compatible with new versions of games.
  2. Budget: Budget PCs offer reliable performance at relatively low prices. They are compatible with the latest AAA games, but not at maximum settings. 
  3. Mid-range: A mid-range PC quite simply offers the best balance between cost, performance, and longevity. 
  4. High-end: High-end are expensive but they promise excellent performance in the latest AAA games. 
  5. Enthusiast: Finally, for professionals and all enthusiasts, this PC set can empty your pocket, but it’s worth it. It has cutting-edge hardware that offers performance, graphics, and speed.
  1. Graphics

Graphics is where PC sets itself apart. The graphics displayed on PC are simply matchless. Once you’ve set our eyes on PC graphics, it’s impossible to go back.

But the problem is, it comes at a high price and a bunch of equipment. To get a high frame rate and the best graphics experience, you’ll need to purchase a high-end graphics card, a high-end processor, SSD storage, and a good amount of RAM.

For professionals and hardcore gamers, this investment is reasonable, and the experience is worth it. If you’re new to gaming, investing so much may seem daunting.

The graphics in console gaming may not be the best, but it’s playable.

  1. Games

This ball falls right in the consoles court. Companies pay a lot of money to get the rights to exclusive titles. Many games are compatible on all major gaming platforms, but if you’re enthusiastic about a selected few, consoles are your best bet.

Also, when it comes to buying games on consoles, there are two ways to do it – get a digital copy via their respective network or buy retail physical copies. 

One advantage of getting physical copies of console games is you can always resell them or get them cheaper second hand. It’s something that you can’t do with PC game purchase (account-bound digital copies).

Both PC and console have their pros and cons and each has its own league of fans who vehemently swear by one or the other. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective gaming platform, consoles have got your back. But if you’re looking for a wholesome gaming experience, PC will keep all the promises.

Know your preferences and keep gaming!

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