Kafu News: Saudi Arabia is Becoming A Hub for Gaming and Esports

The global gaming industry is booming around the world, but did you know that Saudi Arabia is becoming a hub for gaming and Esports? 

According to a report by the Arab News, investments worth $37.8 billion in Savvy Games Group will transform the Kingdom into an industry leader. The report also revealed that the National Gaming and Esports Strategy will create 39,000 jobs and contribute 50 billion SAR to the GDP by 2030. 

The gaming and Esports industry is growing rapidly in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC, with the announcement of major investments to support domestic game developers and world-class competitions that are taking place in the region. 

Saudi Arabia is set to start producing its own games. The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently announced the Kingdom’s ambition to have 30 competitive games developed by firms in the Kingdom by 2030 as part of the country’s National Gaming and Esports strategy. 

Through this strategy, the government is aiming to create 39,000 jobs and establish 250 game developers while promoting in-house talent for esports. This will raise the sector’s contribution to the Kingdom’s economy to 50 billion SAR by 2030.

According to a report published by Boston Consulting Group there are now 23.5 million gamers in Saudi Arabia amounting to around 67 percent of the Kingdom’s youth. 

The report revealed that about 90 percent of these gamers participate in Esports on an amateur or semi-pro basis, while around 100 Saudi gamers are pursuing Esports as a full -time career. 
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