Terms of Service for Tournament Organizers

  1. It’s the Tournament Organizer’s choice and decision to limit/allow one or multiple nationalities of Players to participate in their Tournament.

  2. The Prizes are awarded to Players in their entirety by the Tournament Organizer, and all transactions regarding the monetary Prizes would be handled by the Tournament Organizer. Kafu Games plays no role in transferring such Prizes. However, Kafu Games will hold the Tournament Organizer responsible if the Players don’t get their Prizes on time.

  3. Only the Tournament Organizer shall be wholly liable in the event of a dispute between Players. Kafu Games declines all responsibility in the event of litigation arising during a Tournament and will instruct the participant to contact the designated Tournament Organizer.

  4. In the event a Tournament Organizer collects a Player’s personal data that does not comply with the provisions of Kafu Games’ Privacy Policy, Kafu Games reserves the right to close the Tournament Organizer’s account.

  5. Tournament Organizers undertake to take all appropriate security measures to protect Kafu Games and Players or visitors of the website/app against any unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction of personal data collected through their services.

  6. Tournament Organizers undertake to respect the rights of Players concerning their personal data and in particular the rights defined in Kafu Games’ Privacy Policy or by any applicable law or regulation in force.

  7. Kafu Games reserves the right to take immediate action in the event that the Tournament Organizer is believed to be failing to observe these Terms of Service or violating these Terms. Such actions include but are not limited to, suspending or terminating the Tournament Organizer’s Account, stop hosting the tournament, or commence legal proceedings against the Tournament Organizer.