Influencers & Volunteers

Influencers & Volunteers

University and School Volunteers

Share your passion for esports by volunteering with Kafu Games. School and university students can easily volunteer as broadcasters, commentators and more for our biggest tournaments. Develop your skills, work behind the scenes and find multiple opportunities with Kafu Games.

Esports Influencers

Calling out all the leading Twitch and Discord streamers, YouTubers and famous gaming personalities. We're always on the lookout for top-notch, growing esports influencers to collaborate with us. Kafu Games lets you focus on building your brand in MENA's largest gaming community while networking with the best players in the region.

Tournament Organizers

With a few simple steps, organize the biggest esports tournaments for the games of your choice. Get your customized dashboard with a variety of efficient tools that manage players and host any video game smoothly.