Use Kafu Games to obtain licenses and royalties for your games. Our continuing partnership with the Ministry of Sports and Saudi Esports Federation has led to some of the biggest esports tournaments globally. All our tournaments are officially licensed and approved. Get our professional guidance throughout the process and know all about the governance of esports in Saudi.


Use Kafu Games to secure funds for your esports venture and successful entry into the market. We’re the largest gaming tournament community in MENA and official partners with Saudi Esports Federation who only assure the best in esports. We’re also the platform behind Gamers Without Borders, the global esports competition that raised $10million for charity. We’re here to help you become the next big name in esports. Some of Saudi’s largest gaming brands partner with us to monetize their companies, you can be next.


Take your game to the next level with our professional Esports training. Competitive players can enhance their game skills before each tournament. Every single instructor on Kafu Games is a trained professional and top gamer who will help you learn efficiently and effectively.

Hire Esports Professionals

We’ll partner you with the right Esports influencers and professionals that’ll help boost your sales and enhance growth across the market. Learn more about gaming from industry experts and run successful tournaments on Kafu Games.

Request Support

Whether you’re publishing a new game in the market or need to develop updates for existing ones, Kafu Games will conduct usability tests to determine what works best for you. We offer complete tech support with state-of-the-art tools required to develop games. We also develop our own games, in case you’re interested in that.