PUBG: New State Beyond Insanity

Did you hear about the PUBG: NEW STATE that lunched on 11/11/2021? Whether you heard about it or not, it is ok because we plan to reveal to you everything you want to know about the game here.

Since we are getting attached to our phones now more than ever, Krafton has decided to bring the game straight to our pockets. You can enjoy the game anywhere and whenever you want. What makes this very special is that the PUBG: NEW STATE offers the original battle royal experience of PUBG. It has an upcoming futuristic-style multiplayer online battle. So let’s break it down in detail for you, shall we? 🤩

Graphics Performance 

This game has a very high graphic performance that will grant you a unique chance to experience the next-generation mobile gaming directly in your hands. On top of all that, the movements and images are much clearer than ever. This will allow you to see how fast the movements really are to the point that you will think you are actually there. 


Many things were updated and enhanced to make your experience a life-like one that you will never forget. Some of these updates are improving driving mechanics and scope mechanics that which improved the collimation effect. Other changes were made to the effect of breaking a window, bullet-proof glass, escalator, realistic gun recoil, and more.

Enhancement to the Teamplay and Communication

Yeah, that is right! Now you can win as one or as a team using really high-tech such as Radio Messages to save you some time. Whether you are a loner or a team player, you can enjoy both. This new enhancement includes a recruitment system installed in the game. As a team, you can enjoy car trunk sharing, drone store, search drone, deployable shields, and, well, let’s leave the rest for your imagination 😉

Futuristic Battleground 

You can now immerse yourself in a near-future environment where you can find high-tech tools and vehicles. For example, you can enjoy new futuristic transportation options like Nova, Volta, Tram, a Vulture bike, a Lighting bike, and a Wave Rider boat. Also, you can find search drone, care packages, and locations like Laboratory and Tram Factory. You will be transformed into a future-themed artwork.

Enhanced Battle Royale and Maps

Jump on and have fun exploring new battlegrounds, new survival strategies, new weapon customization kits, drone store, search drone, and deployable shields. One of the really cool new weapons is the Green Flare Gun that will allow you to revive your teammates. As a bonus, you will discover that there are 2 new maps 🗺.

The new maps on PUBG: NEW STATE are Troi and Franchise staple. Good luck exploring them!  

🠟🠟 Download the game now 🠟🠟

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Hey, gamers! Are excited as we are for the new launch? We’ll have so much fun discovering the new features and more…

Stay tuned for the PUBG: New State’s tournaments, which are coming soon on Kafu Games